TREE RINGS: Reading Between the Lines

Welcome to the Tree-Ring Lab at the University of British Columbia!

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Our research combines forest ecology and dendrochronology to investigate the influences of natural and anthropogenic disturbances and climate variation on the dynamics of temperate forests of western North and South America. We address theoretical questions by combining field and lab research techniques and apply our results to conservation and management of ecosystems.

We invite you to explore our website.  Learn more about our projects, the great team of graduate students and undergraduate research assistants, collaborations in field and lab, and our contributions to scientific knowledge, teaching and learning.

Current Events: December 2017

Letter of Support for Dr Ricardo Villalba in his capacity as former Director of the Argentine Institute of Snow and Glaciers (IANIGLA) and of the National Glacier Inventory of Argentina. 


September 2017
2017 Megafires in BC – Urgent Need to Adapt and Improve Resilience to Wildfire

2017 Wildfires and Resilience : A Letter to Premier John Horgan and Minister Doug Donaldson

BC 2017 Wildfire Index