World Biomes

The Biogeography Image Exchange


worldbiomesThis collection of images includes contributions from biogeographers who live and work around the world. It documents the flora, fauna and aspects of global environmental change in all major global biomes and vegetation types. This project links our local and global research with “indoor learning.” This webpage illustrates the variability among natural systems and the subtle differences between biomes and vegetation types. It is designed to compliment biogeography courses by illustrating the diversity of living organisms and how they are distributed around the World.

Students, we invite you to Explore the World’s Biomes online and visit the webpages of professors and students who conduct biogeographic research world wide.

Professors, we invite you to present these images in class and bring to life the World’s biomes and biogeographic concepts.

All Biogeographers, we invite you to contribute to this project. Each image you submit is annotated to give credit to the photographer/researcher Ð allowing others to legally use the images in lectures or to add them to course websites.

The images, documentation, and the researcher’s biographical information are compiled in a searchable databank for easy access to all images. A CD including all images and documentation databank may be purchased for $10.00 (USD), with all proceeds to the Student Awards, Biogeography Specialty Group, Association of American Geographers.

This project is sponsored by the Biogeography Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers. It was funded by an Information Technology Grant to Dr. Lori Daniels, Geography at the University of British Columbia, Canada.

Special thanks to Jolene Bales (image coordinator), Eric Leinberger (cartographer), Steve Daniels (designer), and Dave Shore and Kevin Chan of fix8 creative media inc. for bringing this project to life.


Dr. Lori Daniels
Biogeography, University of British Columbia
October 2004