Student Theses

Amanda Stan (2008) – Growth Release Of Trees Following Fine-scale Canopy Disturbances In Old-growth Forests Of Coastal British Columbia, Canada

Eileen Jones (2009) – Decay Dynamics Of Coarsewood Habitat In Old-growth Spruce And Pine Stands In The Rocky Mountain Foothills

Eric Da Silva (2009) Wildfire History And Its Relationship With Top-down And Bottom-up Controls In The Joseph And Gold Creek Watersheds, Kootenay Mountains, British Columbia

Evan Henderson (2008) – Decay And Position Class Dynamics Of Large Woody Debris In Small Streams In The Alberta Foothills

Gregory A Greene (2010) Historical Fire Regime Of The Darkwoods: Quantifying The Past To Plan For The Future

Jed Cochrane (2007) – Characteristics Of Historical Forest Fires In Complex Mixed-conifer Forests Of Southeastern British Columbia

Jennifer Passmore (2007) – Response Of Seedlings And Saplings To Canopy Gaps In Coastal Old-growth Forests

John Nez Nesbitt (2010) Quantifying Forest Fire Variability Using Tree Rings: Nelson, British Columbia, 1700-present

Shane Mccloskey (2007) Western Hemlock Looper: A Biological Agent Of Disturbance In Coastal Forests Of British Columbia

Sonya Powell (2006) – Wood Inventory And Dendroecological Analysis Of Large Woody Debris In Small Streams In The Foothills Model Forest, Hinton, Alberta