Wildfires in British Columbia

Podcasts and Media Interviews


Podcasts & Documentaries

Not If, But When – Documentary, Season Finale of “Hellfire Heroes”
Discovery Channel Canada, July 10 2018

Wildfire Prevention (Starts at 1:40:18)
CBC On the Coast, May 21 2018

Ashes to Ashes: How a recovery after a wildfire looks like. ​
Forest Proud, April 29 2018

Scientists know how to prevent catastrophic loss from forest fires. Why don’t we follow their advice?
CBC Radio, July 21 2017

The trees are telling us we need more wildfire!
Barry Wilson in Sound Cloud, July 11 2017


Media Interviews

We Should Let Some Wildfires Burn
on Things You Might Not Know
Tom Scott, July 16, 2018


The long-term effects of wildfires in Canada
CTV News, July 11, 2018


Exclusive interview with University of British Columbia professor and wildfire expert Lori Daniels
Discovery Canada, July 04 2018


Firefighters learn lessons from catastrophic wildfire season
CBC The National, June 29 2018


2017 BC Wildfire season ‘the new normal’: province urged to act
Global News, September 26, 2017


What’s fueling B.C.’s wildfires?
CBC Player, ​July 10 2017


Recent Articles 

Searching for tree-eating bugs and other signs of life in B.C’s charred forests
CBC News, July 03 2018

Firefighting strategies may be contributing to larger wildfires
The Globe and Mail, May 15 2018

Expert warns fire season in Northern B.C. getting worse
The Globe and Mail, May 15 2018

Forest Fires: Climate Change’s new normal
The Globe and Mail, May 12 2018

Is B.C. headed for another devastating summer of wildfires?
National Observer, May 8 2018

How worsening wildfires fuel a discouraging trend for more flooding
Vancouver Sun, May 4 2018

Past firefighter efforts have made B.C. more fire-prone
CTV News, July 10 2017

Forest ecologist says we need to get fire ‘smarter’ in B.C.
CBC News, October 25 2016


BC Wildfire Index 

2017 Fire Index: A look into the future if we do not adapt. 
Nov 3, 2017


Letter to Premier  John Horgan

RE: 2017 Megafires in BC – Urgent Need to Adapt and Improve Resilience to Wildfire
September 26, 2017


2017 Flood and Fire Review

PDF Report: Addressing the New Normal: 21st Century Disaster Management in British Columbia
Submitted April 30th, 2018